The Story

Ditta Wahab, is known for her successful radio show on the #1 radio station in Jakarta. In 2005, she grew up in a family where everything needs to be celebrated with food and good desserts. She start to feel very passionate toward delicious dishes especially desserts and it leads to their lifelong dream in the world of delectable treats. She began experimenting with hundreds of cake recipes – out of passion and loves for desserts. She is also a mother of a daughter and mostly dedicates all her creations to this beautiful girl. A new idea is often generated after she went on the culinary trip and try their best to create something new and exciting for Postre Cakery. The launch of the first ever Nastengels cake – a perfect marriage between sweet and sour homemade pineapple jam from Nastar and combined with triple cheese Kaastengels crumbs was a huge success and they’re now more passionate than ever to create something new for all dessert lovers. Postre Cakery is determined to serve you with good quality and finest ingredients (no weird additives and preservatives, low fat milk, less sugar) in all products. Postre Cakery – Savor Every Bite